Dental Implant for you

The surgery is situated in the centre of Szeged in Hungary and was built and fitted out with state-of-the art technology and equipment in 2007. The ‘Dental Implant For You’ clinic has two well equipped dental units. I, as a periodontologist with more than 10 years dental university evidence based dentistry background, incorporated with my implantologist colleague are psyched up to encompass whatever kind of dental problems. We make dental treatments from conservative dentistry to dental implant surgery and all ceramic cosmetic restoration. We consult our patients thoroughly, talk to them about the treatment they require, offer them all the options and then they can decide which suits them the most.

What is a dental implant?

The aim of any prosthetic treatment, in case of a disease or missing teeth, is restoring natural circumstances. The fewer teeth we have, the more difficult it is to reach this aim. Dental implants are to replace missing teeth, they are actually root replacements "implanted" in the jaw.  During the healing period bone forms a natural mechanical bond with the dental implants, which become strong and stable. In the healing period, which ideally lasts for three to six months, the implants are covered by the gum, which protects them from extra pressure. Then the final abutment is screwed into the implant to fix the "new tooth", just the way traditional crowns are fixed. But the pressure caused by chewing is taken by the implant in this case, and not by the root of the tooth, and is then evenly spread over the jaw.