To most, endodontics sounds as scary as going to the dentist. But in fact, the word simply stands for one of the dental specialties dealing with tooth pulp and tissues surrounding the root of a tooth.  Endodontics involves many procedures such as root canal therapy, treating cracked teeth and dental trauma. Perhaps, all reasons for us to not like going to the dentist. A damaged root canal can be more than a pain, though. It can ruin your day or even your week. The signs of root canal problems are well familiar: severe pain, swelling, sensitivity to hot or cold water or a darkening tooth. In the past root canal therapy was unpleasant. Gladly, thanks to modern dentistry you don’t have to fear root canals anymore and  you will be surprised how comfortable modern root canal therapy can be.
Each tooth is like a small organism. It has canals running through a pulp that provides nourishment to your teeth. Naturally, canals can get damaged either by a cavity or a tooth fracture, and the pulp may get infected and die.
Root canal treatment is performed when the pulp tissue of the tooth has become infected in order to prevent the formation of abscess and eventual spreading of the infection to the surrounding tissues.