Bone grafting only take place often the dentist has assessed the quality and quantity of the bone in your jaw and found that there is not enough to place the dental implant.



Sinus lift is a surgical strategy that helps to increase the mass of the bone in the maxilla for the insertion of dental implants.The nasal sinuses exist within the upper jaw bone.They are close to the roots of the back teeth. In many cases, pain within the sinuses can be mistaken as tooth pain, because of their proximity.

When the back teeth are lost, the jaw bone shrinks and the sinuses may expand down into the area where the roots of the teeth once existed. If implants are desired, a sinus elevation with graft may be required.

The sinus can be elevated and grafting materials can be grafted under the sinus through the jaw bone, to rebuild the bone that was lost. Depending on the amount of bone grafted, healing may be required prior to implant placement.

Once the graft has consolidated within the jaw bone, implants can be placed. After healing, crowns can be fabricated over theimplants to replace the missing teeth.